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Xiamen  XieXin Plastic  Products  Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in development and production of clear plastic boxes,founded in 2006, but the founder and the core management team have more than 10years plastic box industry work experience, accumulate rich experience in such field. Our R&D team have always been concerned about the latest market trends, continuously improve production and process equipment, and regard customers feelings as guide, continue providing technical support for better quality and update process. At present our R&D team is constituted by staffs of pre-press processing, graphic design, automatic hits the version,laser knife mold development,etc. * Quality Control: We pay great attention to quality control,from the workshop environment, ordering materials control, production process control, finished products inspection,etc, such various aspects to maximize prevent rejects outflow. All raw materials we choose are scratch-resistant transparent glue box sheet, used Japanese 3R ANYTY colors-proofing apparatus,CTP plate-making and getting flakes , and so on, each link all show our attention to quality . * Customers Over 6 years, through our continuous efforts,we offer directly or indirectly the high quality clear plastic box products to many famous brand customers, such as  Coca-Cola, Disney, P hilips, Cofco,Wal-......

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